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Jamie Johnson, of "The Grascals" plays a Lutz / Machiche MacNaught guitar.


Jamey Johnson with his Machiche / Lutz Spruce Double Top, Hollow Back, MacNaught guitar. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson has been showered with plaques, trophies and award statuettes.

Some of the things that have happened along the way include songwriter awards for 2005’s "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," which Jamey co-wrote for Trace Adkins. In the spring of 2007, the Academy of Country Music gave Jamey a Song of the Year award for co-writing the George Strait hit "Give It Away," and the Country Music Association did the same later that year.

"Everything comes from God. So when I write, it is my gift to Him. It is my interpretation of what He gave me, the circumstances that I drew the material from. So when I get done with a song, it’s not for my fans. It’s certainly not for the industry, the trophies, the accolades and the plaques. It is straight from me to God."


Jimmy Herman, musician for Carrie Underwood with his second McKnight Guitar, East Indian Rosewood / Adi top, Slope MacNaught. Jimmy affectionately named this guitar "Clara" after his daughter.


Marty Raybon, founder and former lead singer of the Grammy award-winning hit group Shenandoah, offers a full spectrum of vocal entertainment.
His talents are unmatched, whether he's singing country, gospel or his personal favorite, bluegrass. He has become one of country music's
busiest artists, performing over 100 shows per year between the United States and Canada.

Marty leads his band, Full Circle with his new Machiche/Adirondack Spruce topped MacNaught guitar.


Country & Bluegrass music superstar,Marty Stuart, playing his McKnight Guitar that he affectionately named - "The DEACON".

Marty designed this guitar by pulling some of his favorite guitar specs together including: "The Father of Country Music", Jimmy Rodgers' guitar body shape, Lester Flatt's D-28, 14 fret neck profile & a vintage slot-head. Marty wanted the guitar to sound and feel like "an old friend". We chose Panama Rosewood for the body with a vintage 1959 Sitka Spruce top. MOP diamonds and 3 crosses complete the design.

As a special treat for Mary and I, Marty anointed his brand new guitar as he skillfully played

"It Is Well With My Soul"



Jimmy Herman, multi-instrumentalist for Carrie Underwood plays a Mahogany / Lutz MacNaught guitar on Carrie's tour.


Beau Tackett, lead guitarist for Country Artist Blake Shelton, currently touring the US, playing his new Osage Orange/1959 Sitka Highlander OM-D.

Look for Beau in these new CMT videos:


Some Beach

I'll just hold on

She wouldn't be gone



Espen Lind, Norway's leading male vocalist playing his new Brazilian RW / Adi doubletop Slope MacNaught in concert during his European summer tour. Espen is a Norweigian songwriter, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He is one half of the talented production team of Espionage. In January 2009 he received the award "Årets Spelleman" (artist of the year) at the Norwegian Grammy Awards



Melissa King, lead singer and guitarist for Melissa King & Phat Grass pictured with her Mahogany / Sitka Highlander OM-D McKnight Guitar.


Bryan Dickson, played for Jake Owen pictured with his South East Asian Rosewood / Engelmann Spruce MiniMac.


Lewell Molen playing a Honduran Mahogany / Adi topped MacNaught at DollyWood in Nashville, TN.


Tim Stafford of Blue Highway warming up his Black Walnut / Sitka MacNaught at the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival.

"It's a fun one to play. I just love how you can hear the durn thing so well. Walnut isn't the most responsive wood, but this is one of the best-sounding walnut instruments I've heard. Plays great too. "












Lare Williams of Lare Williams & New Direction receiving his 1959 Sitka Vintage Spruce top / Hickory MacNaught guitar from Tim & Mary McKnight.


Wesley Probst with his Indian Rosewood, sitka spruce topped MacNaught McKnight Guitar. Wes is the talented song writer & lead singer of the OVERALL BROTHERS band.
Mary McKnight presents Allen Funderburk with his Redwood topped, Black Walnut MacNaught McKnight Guitar. Allen is a versatile musician who worked for Kitty Wells for 16 years before branching out into other Nashville venues.

Nathan & Laura Krahn receiving the very first SDG (Solei Deo Gloria) model at the IBMA show in Nashville. Nathan is worship leader in their church.


Michael Radebaugh, his wife Jennifer and son William are Baptist Missionaries to South Africa. Michael plays a unique MacNaught guitar with Wild Cherry sides to remind him of his home in the States but the back is African Bubinga where he is now called "back" home.


Randy Peasley, plays his East Indian Rosewood/Adirondack spruce Jumbo Mac while leading Worship Minister in the First Church of Christ, in Sault Sainte Marie, MI.


Jim Drury and the first McKnight 12-string JumboMac, Curly Black Walnut/Redwood "double-top" and hollow back. Before his passing, Jim was Pastor and worship leader at Ascension St. Matthew's Lutheran Episcopal Church in Price, Utah.


Cathy Lemoine (center) with her Mahogany/Sitka OOO-D. Kathy and her two friends (Judy Gross left & Reggie Tolleson right) are part of a prison ministry team in Texas.


Bryan Dear leading a men's worship retreat (Sunnyside Foursquare Church, in OR) on his Granadillo RW/1959 Sitka Slope D MacNaught




Wayne Jones, Worship leader in Oregon, playing his S.E. Asian RW / 1959 Sitka topped MacNaught guitar







The Bankesters can be found touring Nashville and throughout the US. "The talents of emerging artists and industry professionals are essential to keeping bluegrass alive and growing, and the IBMA board feels these individuals deserve special recognition for the hard work and the contributions they are making to the industry as a whole," says IBMA Executive Director Nancy Cardwell.


Gone but not forgoten, our friend Jimmy Dutton of "Hymn Time" with his EIRW / Sitka / Sunburst MacNaught
Josh Brainard, Delaware Christian Worship Leader & his JumboMac/EIRW/59 Sitka burst

Matt Brent, worship minister at Celebration Christian Church and member of "Level Ground" pictured with his JumboMac/EIRW/Adirondack


Ken Wert, Youth Pastor of Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Marion, OH playing his Wild Black Cherry/Sitka MacNaught


Randy Pflug, worship leader at The Vineyard, Sunbury, OH playing his African Anigre/
1959 Spruce MacNaught


David & Melanie Weyer, with David's Movingui/Carpathian/German Double top MiniMac guitar. David and Melanie are both active worship leaders in their church in Southern Indiana.





Just a few of our loyal McKnight Guitar customers:


Bill Stockinger holding his McKnight SDG. The back and sides are from the historically famous Honduras Mahogany log named ... "The TREE".

This guitar is topped with an Adirondack Red Spruce top.

  Singer / Songwriter, Steven Stanley just picked up his new MacNaught-V2 guitar, custom made of Eastern Black Walnut back and double sides under a beautiful Sinker Redwood top.

“Thank you very much for this wonderful guitar and the thrilling ride that went along with it! I want you to know that I love this guitar very much.  I am very proud of it. It means almost as much to me as the two of you. This beautiful guitar with its heavenly tone brings joy to my heart. God Bless you both, John Parham”


Michael Holland with his new LowLander guitar built of curly Mahogany back and sides with a French Polished, bear claw, Sonic Sitka Spruce top.





Al Pellegrini is holding his "Spar Guitar." This Deacon model is made of African Blackwood back and sides and a vintage Sitka top made from a salvaged sunken ship's spar. The Tall Ship had sunk off the coast of Oregon in the late 1800's. The side sound port is in the shape of an anchor and the BRW rosette is a the ship's wheel.




After seeing this top Mary fell in love with the story and sketched the rough design minutes later. We used three different figured maples in the ship's sails, Mahogany& BRW as the boat, reconstituted Jade as the water, MOP, Abalone and Sea Snail shells as the moon, stars and fingerboard inlays.



Bruce & Nancy Freimark with their MiniMac "Airplane" guitar. As far as we know this is the only Double Top guitar in Dennis Merril's Sonic Sitka Project. This guitar has back and double sides of Pernambuco wood. Bruce plans to use this guitar in his nursing home ministry, gigs in and around Monroe, MI and to witness to the Wounded Veteran Program of MI.


Peter Kennimer has the unique honor of being our youngest customer to date. Peter ordered his guitar when he was 15 years old and had it paid for when he picked up at age 18. Peter worked in his Dad's business, mowed yards and did odd jobs to earn money to purchase his very own MiniMac guitar of Cocobolo Rosewood and Adirondack spruce.


David Pennybaker's first strum on his 1700s Black Walnut/LS Redwood MiniMac guitar. David picked his new guitar up at the 2009 Healdsburg Guitar Festival.


John Kitchen with his "Black Knight" theme SDG body of Curly White Oak and Carpathian top. John is a two-peat customer with his second McKnight Guitar.


Tony Rosario was pleasantly surprised with his birthday gift from his wife Joyce. His MiniMac guitar has Shag Bark Hickory back and sides with a Cedar double top.


Scott Keyes, owner of a Ziricote / Carpathian LowLander guitar.


Kirk Spencer is another of our repeat customers. Kirk owns a Ziricote / Carpathian HighLander and also a MiniMac with a Italian Spruce/1959 Spruce double-top over Sinker Brazilian Rosewood / vintage Brazilian Rosewood "Hollow-back".


Jacques-Andre DuPont owns an East Indian Rosewood / Adi MiniMac guitar that is part of the Ste-Cat guitar collection. The guitars are loaned to local and student musicians to use for a one year term in an effort to provide quality guitars to deserving musicians who may not otherwise be able to afford them. We are blessed to be part of the wonderful project serving musicians in the Montreal Canada area.


Jay Howlett with his LS Redwood / Brazilian Rosewood MiniMac. Jay had a lot to say upon taking delivery of his guitar ... "WOW". Please plan to take in one of Jay's "Blah Blah Woof Woof" concerts if you are ever in his area. You will be delightfully pleased.


Kathy Zapotocky is all smiles after taking delivery of her 1700's Black Walnut / Adi topped HighLander guitar. The back and sides were reclaimed from a local stage coach livery that was built in the late 1700's. I have never seen walnut with grain so tight that you can not see the grain lines to even count them. This is truly some very special tonewood that we are pleased to offer our customers.


Glen Giles owns a prototype Mahogany Lutz Deacon guitar and he is using it to promote the Luthier's Gift project. Please follow the LINK to learn more about this wonderful missions project.


We are proud to endorse ToneRite products and we feel extremely blessed that they have chosen to use some of our guitars in their trade show and print adds. If you have never used a ToneRite I would encourage you to use one to allow your guitar to develop a rich full vintage tone in a matter of days! All of our guitars get a ToneRite treatment before final setup and following journey to their new respective homes.


Chet Wehe just took delivery of his LS Redwood / African Blackwood MiniMac at the 12011 Healdsburg Guitar Show.


John Cotten glowingly received his special Ziricote / Carpathian MiniMac "AGF Award" guitar at the 2011 Healdsburg Guitar Festival.


Andy Ekegren with his "three-peat" McKnight instrument which we call the McKuke. Its our interpretation of a Hawaiian Soprano size ukulele.


Bill "BillyBoy" Douglas with his 1950 vintage Redwood / Birds eye Quilted Maple MiniMac built and affectionately dedicated to his daughter "Hiliary-O"


Bruce Lisenby, relaxing at the airport with his S. E. Asian Rosewood, 1959 Sitka MiniMac guitar.

Tim & Mary
"Always a joy to take part of you around the world with us. Wish you could come and see the joy on the faces we get to see.  And...thanks for the wonderful guitar. Blessings, Bruce & Nellie"


"Chili Bill" Gault enjoying some porch picking time with his Curly Walnut / Redwood HighLander.


Todd Hunt, pictured with his Highlander OM-D with Argentine Osage Orange back & sides and a 1959 Sitka Spruce top. The entire guitar has been French Polished with spirit varnish using a late 1700's recipe.


Patrick Lawson with his E. Indian Rosewood, Sitka Spruce topped MacNaught guitar.


Alton Gowen just picked up his his new MiniMac with Madagascar RW back & sides and a Double Top of Cedar & Engelmann spruce.


Duane Morelli with his new Cocobolo RW / Redwood HighLander



Kurt Bullock posing with the Spar Guitar. Kurt owns "The Petosky Guitar" (Cocobolo RW / L/S Redwood MiniMac) now and is patiently waiting on his second McKnight guitar.


Betz with his Birds Eye Quilted Maple/Cedar MiniMac . Betz & Karen picked out his new guitar at the 2009 Healdsburg Guitar Festival.


Andrew Ekegren receiving his 1959 Sitka Hickory Highlander OM-D from Tim at the 2005 Healdsburg Guitar Show.


Another happy customer receiving his Redwood / Walnut Highlander OM-D guitar at the 2005 Healdsburg Guitar Show.


Alan Postell, Pickin' - n- Grinin' with his 1959 Sitka / Shag Bark Hickory Highlander OM-D
Sheila Horsely receiving her 1959 topped Honduras Mahogany D-18 from Mary McKnight.

Phil Bankester with his Black Acacia/
Caucasian spruce Slope MacNaught
Ray & Marie Cunningham's
Shag Bark Hickory / 1959 Sitka MacNaught

Ralf Waddle, lead singer of Axil's List, with his Paudauk / Adi MacNaught with custom
Maltese Cross sound Port

Charles Bockius playing his Bolivian Rosewood /
1959 Sitka MacNaught

The photographer caught an unsuspecting John Hwang (3rd from the left) playing his Madagascar RW / 1959 Sitka Highlander OM with a group of friends.









Greg Condemi Playing his Waterfall Bubinga / Caucasian Spruce MiniMac guitar. Greg is the recipient of the famous "2007 Raffle Guitar".


Danno Terrebonne playing his East Indian Rosewood / Adirondack MacNaught.

"I've probably picked up hundreds of guitars in my 40 plus years of playing, and never, has a guitar felt so right in my's just indescribable."


Tom Young (Orsino on the APM Forum) of Winterhaven, FL, playing his EIR/Carpathian Highlander OM.


Larry Damon with his Shag Bark Hickory/1959 Sitka Highlander OM-D


Andy Ekegren, receiving his second Shagbark Hickory / 1959 Sitka Highlander OM-D at the 2007 Healdsburg Guitar Festival


Jim Thomason playing his unusually high figured East Indian Rosewood / Caucasian Spruce MininMac for his wife Vonnie.


Jason & Karen Rawlings purchased their Shag Bark Hickory /Engelmann Highlander OM-D at the 2007 Montreal Guitar Show


Bryan Galloway and the "Galloway Family" playing his Cocobolo Rosewood / 1959 Sitka Slope MacNaught in Asheville, NC.


Bryan Galloway receiving his SECOND MacNaught, East Indian / 59 Sitka Spruce guitar at the 2007 IBMA "Fan Fest" show in Nashville.


Jason Waddle, leads worship on his Shag Bark Hickory / Cedar MacNaught



Kenneth Direktor proud new owner of "The Cougar" which is a MiniMac body with Birds eye African Mahogany and Adi top.


Chuck Thompson received his Brazilian Rosewood / LS Redwood "Double Top" MiniMac guitar at the 2007 IBMA "Fan Fest" show in Nashville.







Adrianne 's Guitars:    

This happy gentleman has the unique privilege of being the owner of our daughter Adrianne's first guitar (serial #2) offered to the public for sale. It’s an SDG body made of African Movingui with a Lutz spruce top.


Adrianne 's Guitars can ocassionaly be seen at her dealer:

Hearts’ Home Acoustics
109 Oak Park Drive
Boerne, TX 78006

Telephone: (830) 331-9840


However, they seldom are there for more than a day before they find a new home ;)



Nate & Brooke P. own Adrianne's #4 guitar. Back and double sides are African Zebra wood with a Norway Spruce top. Nate spent the day shopping for a new guitar at the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival and he told Adrianne that her guitar was the BEST sounding one there. We were really surprised to hear such a tremendously kind and humbling compliment!

  Adrianne 's #5 guitar is in process now. She plans to show it at an upcoming show in 2017.

Please send us a picture of you playing your McKnight Guitar and we will be happy to include your picture on our web site.



Please send an email to schedule a visit.