McKnight Guitars

Mary designed "The Spar Guitar" around the top which we purchased in California. As luck would have it, we met a young man in Healdsburg, California who was selling amtique spruce tops.

As the story goes, he found a log which had washed up on a beach during a boat race in Oregon. The log was old and the locals to the area told him it was part of an antique Tall Ship that had sunk off the coast in the 1800's. The locals said, often times during rough seas and storms, parts of these old ships would surface and wash a shore.

As we got back into the car, Mary grabbed the only paper she could find, a Snickers candy bar wrapper, and began sketching the design for this guitar.

We combined the old top with African blackwood back and sides. The 1800's Sitka top was only large enough for a OO so used our Deacon body for this project.



Ships wheel of Brazilian Rosewood




Tall Ship inlays of shell on the Ebony fret board








This guitar was exhibited at the Newport Guitar Festival of South Florida and now resides with the happy owners in West Palm Beach, FL.