McKnight Guitars

The "Memphis Knights" guitar was designed around the 1st Annual Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival. Mary's design started with a rough sketch on some wood body forms:





We wanted to use a rare set of African Gaboon Ebony we have had curing for well over 20 years in our climate controlled wood room. This perfectly quarter sawn set was only large enough for a HighLander OM body so that is what we used. We combined the Ebony with a master grade Carpathian Spruce top. The combination was magic as this is easily in the top 5 best guitars we have ever built. Bindings and rosette are Brazilian Pernambuco wood. Peg head, fingerboard and bridge are Ebony as well.




Since Memphis is home to music its only fitting that the inlays reflect the heritage of that great city.



The side sound port provides lots of feedback to the player.



Who is old enough to recognize the inlay at the 12th fret?







The owners of the show graciously gave us permission to use their logo on our peg head.




The back's focal point is a 33 RPM record that spins music off the edges.