McKnight Guitars

The Sonic Sitka Project was devised by our friend Dennis Merril. Dennis wanted to prove or disprove that a guitar opens up over time. He had a spruce log milled into ~150 tops which he sold to builders all over the world. Each top was numbered and had a unique serial tag that goes with it to identify it as a participant in the project. Dennis asked that owners or builders bring their guitars to a major show and have the Sonic sound recorded on his computer. After a year or two you were to bring it back and have it recorded again to see if the data had changed. Dennis has plans to write a book and document the entire project. We purchased three tops and used two for a "double-top" and the third for a single top guitar. As far as we know we have the only double-top in the project.



Single top guitar: Curly Honduran Mahogany LowLander OOO -





Double-top Guitar - Pernambuco MiniMac "Airplane Guitar"